Hydrate your curls

Floral Leave-In Conditioner

Are your curls dry, rough, tangled, or brittle to the touch? Bring your curls back to life with our floral leave in conditioner. Make dreading wash day, a thing of the past with our highly rated lightweight leave in hydrator.  Detangling and styling will be a breeze thanks to our botanically rich hand crafted cream based moisturizer.

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Deeply moisturizes hair strands.


Adds slip and promotes elasticity.


Restores luster and shine. 


Nourishes dry and thirsty strands.  


Reduces frizz.


Lightweight formula for daily usage.


Prevents hair breakage. 

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What's Your Curl Type?

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Why does it matter?

Having realistic expectations for your hair is the first step in achieving healthy hair. Knowing your curl and porosity type can be helpful when selecting new styles, styling techniques and products to style your hair. Accepting the structure of your hair helps you understand how your hair retains moisture. The sebum is a natural oil that is produced by your sebaceous glands, it travels down the hair shaft to protect the hair strands. This affects how often you may wash, condition and style your hair. The tighter the curl, the more challenging it is for the sebum to travel through the entire shaft. Thus tighter curls requiring more moisture than looser curl types.

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